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CNC Multiple Machining Center-Door Solution
Product Specifications Description:
CNC Multiple Machining Center-Door Solution
Model :  MDK4120D  

This machine is designed by us with patent, it is used to process lock slot, lock hole, lock side-step and hinge slots. Machine structure is international pioneer. It was granted honors “national key new product”, “high & new-tech product”, “China forestry product innovative prize (wooden door industry)” etc, with extremely high market share in domestic wooden door industry.


Main Parameter:

-Woking length:1800mm~2400mm

-Woking width:30mm~60mm

-Woking thickness:600mm~1100mm

-Max.moving speed of tool:8m/min

-Hinge motor:3×0.4kW  12000rpm

-Lock -slot motor:3.7kW  12000rpm

-Lock side-step motor:0.4kW  12000rpm

-Lock-hole motor:2×1.5kW  12000rpm

-Overall dimensions:2740mm×2270mm×1620mm


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